An enterprising woman who has a tattoo of her love for design, which is a way of rediscovering and being in touch with her most human side.

After a renowned 20-year career as an interior designer, Regina Castillo took a leap that has marked and redirected her career. In 2010 he launched his own jewelry brand with the aim of revolutionizing the world of goldsmithing by giving it a new color, shine and texture of metals.

From his admiration for the beauty that exists in nature, his inspiration was born, along with the icon and seal that represents it today, the bee. The bee as a symbol of detailed work, community and passion.

He has made important collaborations, among them with Daniel Espinosa, already consolidated as one of the most successful and recognized jewelers/entrepreneurs worldwide.

Recognized by the magazine Quién as one of the 31 women who, with their talent and dedication in different sectors, carry out important transformations for the benefit of equity.